About Jessica Lanter

Meet Jessica Lanter, a graduate from Ole Miss in 2020 with an Integrated Marketing and Communications degree. Her professional journey is guided by a genuine passion for assisting clients in finding the ideal packaging solutions that align with their business goals. Jessica is a passionate Packaging Professional who is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for her clients. She is always up for a challenge and strives to deliver cost-effective and high-quality products to her clients. When Jessica is not busy at work, she spends her time with her fiancé, Hayden, and their furry friend, Delta Rose. Jessica and Hayden are getting married in May 2024, and Jessica is excited to start this new chapter of her life. She loves spending quality time with her loved ones, cooking delicious meals, and hosting parties. Jessica is not just a packaging professional; she is also a person filled with love, joy, and a deep appreciation for the simple things in life.
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